the best way to predict the future,

is to create it...

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at Solo, we're creating the future of energy.

here's how...

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energy storage

Solo deploys and operates distributed energy storage systems such as home batteries and electric vehicle chargers to store excess renewable generation


blockchain - p2p

We use blockchain technology to create a shared peer-to-peer energy trading economy so consumers can share locally generated renewable energy across the grid

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virtual power plant

Solo's FlexiGrid software controls energy storage systems to operate as a Virtual Power Plant, shaping demand to follow renewable supply


 the Virtual Power Plant

At Solo we believe the age of fossil fuels is dead, and we want to start making the transition to 100% renewables happen as quickly as possible, like now.

Solo are building the power plant of the future – the Virtual Power Plant. The building blocks of a Virtual Power Plant are batteries. Unlike a conventional power plant, our Virtual Power Plant is not a large industrial plant in one single location, but a connected system of distributed batteries and Electric Vehicles in homes and businesses across the grid. We digitally link these assets to act as an intelligent system of flexible demand and supply which help balance the intermittency of renewable generation.


join us in creating the future...

We're building the Virtual Power Plant of the future. We want to give you part of it...

Solo will soon be starting free roll-out of battery storage and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) chargers in the UK, with other markets to follow.

It couldn't be simpler - your home or business becomes part of our Virtual Power Plant by "hosting" a battery or V2G charger and we provide you with low-cost 100% renewable electricity through one of our energy supply partners. 

We make energy cheaper by controlling your battery and/or EV to charge from onsite solar and wind generation, where present, but also charging from the grid when there's lots of local renewable generation from wind and solar farms. When renewable generation decreases, we supply your home with all that nice clean and low-cost energy stored in your battery or EV. 

By balancing renewable supply and customer demand in this way, we can start saying goodbye to costly fossil fuel generation for good. Great for your wallet, and for the planet.


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