Solo Energy to revolutionise energy – launches pilot at Grainbank in Orkney

Solo Energy, a company determined to shake up the energy market, is launching a disruptive new “free battery” business model in the UK market.  To showcase the model, Solo has partnered with sustainable housing developer Orkney Builders to develop a first of a kind housing project on the island of Orkney, off the coast of Scotland.

Solo believes in a 100%-renewable energy future free from fossil fuels, and believes that smart batteries and Electric Vehicles in homes and businesses are the key to unlocking the UK’s full renewable potential.

Mark Hamilton talks to a homeowner at Grainbank

The project in Orkney aims to put power, quite literally, in the hands of the home owners by installing solar PV linked with Sonnen Eco battery units in 30 new build homes.  By pairing renewable generation with in-home battery storage, Orkney residents will be able to make use of renewable energy throughout the day, and not just when the sun shines.  Better still, the batteries will also charge from the grid, not just via the solar panels, meaning that home-owners can store renewable energy from Orkney’s bountiful wind turbines during the evening and on less sunny days. 

This grid battery charging is optimised by Solo Energy’s proprietary ‘FlexiGrid’ software that works to capitalise on ‘peak renewable generation’, ‘low-demand’, and lower price 'slots’ on the grid system, helping to keep householders’ bills low, and in turn, reducing demand on the grid at peak times.  Whilst the Orkney project is a relatively small installation, it proves that the technology can have a massive impact when deployed at scale.

Mark Hamilton, CEO of Solo Energy commented, “This installation demonstrates how new technologies can revolutionise the future of the traditional energy system.”

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By linking renewable energy generation from Solar PV wind and solar energy with cutting edge in home battery technology and revolutionary software we can facilitate a move to a 100% renewable energy future.  When deployed at scale, these technologies can also be used to take pressure off the grid by shaping demand and removing the peaks and troughs of intermittent renewable generation –lowering costs across the system as a whole.” 

We’re excited about the possibilities of this technology and look forward to rolling it out to a much wider audience over the coming months and years.”

Over the coming months the community will also be trialling ‘peer to peer’ energy trading – sharing their spare renewable energy generation to other users within the Community – all facilitated by blockchain technology.

Joanne Smalley