StoreNet Terms & Conditions

Definitions and Interpretation

In this Agreement the following terms will mean:

Battery” means the Sonnen Eco9.43 or Eco9.53 home battery unit with specifications 3.3 kW/10 kWh (including any ancillary equipment components that may be provided by us from time to time for example, communications gateway, extension antennae etc.);

Battery Installation” means the installation of the Battery as set out in Clause 5;

Engineer” means one of our (or a subcontractor’s) engineers who is qualified to carry out the Survey and installation of the Battery;

Property” means the property or premises at which the Battery will be installed;

Survey” means a Battery Installation survey booked through us and performed at your Property by an Engineer before we can determine whether your Property is suitable for the trial. See Clause 3;

Working Day” means any day other than a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday. All other references to a day refers to a calendar day.

1        Agreement

1.1       These Solo StoreNet project Terms & Conditions (Agreement) are between you and us:

a.    You are the person who has signed up to the Solo StoreNet trial; and

b.    We, Us, Our or Solo is Solo Energy Limited of Phoenix House, Monahan Road, Cork, T12 H1XY.

1.2       By accepting this Agreement, you agree to participate in the StoreNet trial.

1.3       You accept that, because this Agreement is a pilot offering, there may be delays, reduced functionality and other disruption and issues. If any of these arise, we will endeavour to minimise their impact on you.

2        Solo StoreNet Trial Eligibility

2.1       You will not be eligible for participation in the StoreNet trial unless you pass the following eligibility criteria:

a)    you comply with this Agreement;

b)    you are allowed to sign up to this Agreement for the Property. If you do not own your Property (e.g. you have a lease with a landlord), you may need your landlord’s permission to carry out the work required to install the Battery. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you have this permission. We won’t be responsible if we carry out work and you don’t have the necessary permissions. You will be responsible for any losses we suffer as a result of you failing to get the appropriate permissions;

c)    you have passed the Survey;

d)    we are able to complete the Battery Installation (see Clause 5);

e)    following the Battery Installation, we have registered the Battery as “active” and you allow us sole control of charging and discharging the Battery.

3        Survey

3.1       Before we can determine whether you are eligible to have a Battery installed, we may need to carry out a Survey of your Property.

3.2       In relation to the Survey:

a)    you agree to provide our Engineer with access to your Property at a date and time agreed between us and you;

b)    we are not responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control or which are unforeseeable.

4        Cancellation of Agreement

4.1       If you wish to cancel this Agreement, you may do so during the “cooling off period”, which is the 14-day period after the date you indicate your intention to proceed but provided that the Battery Installation has not commenced.

5        Battery Installation

5.1       You agree to provide our Engineer with access to your Property to carry out the Battery Installation at the date and time agreed between us and you.

5.2       In order for us to carry out the Battery Installation, you must have a suitable space on/at your Property to install the Battery and we must be able to gain suitable access to the electricity meter or main fuse board to install power sensing and control hardware used to instruct the Battery.

5.3       We are not responsible for any delays in the Battery Installation caused by circumstances beyond our control or which were unforeseeable.

5.4       If, for whatever reason, we cannot complete the Battery Installation during the initial appointment, we will make another appointment with you for an appropriate time to complete the work.  If you fail to keep the agreed appointment time for the installation of your Battery on more than two occasions, we may charge a fee to cover the cost of sending an Engineer to your Property.

5.5       We will take reasonable care to carry out the Battery Installation without causing unnecessary damage.  We will fix any unnecessary damage to your Property that is directly caused by our negligence.

5.6       We won’t start or continue the Battery Installation at your Property if we believe there is a health and safety risk to our Engineers, and we won’t return to complete the installation until that risk is resolved.

6        Battery Operation and Ownership

6.1       You are responsible for making sure that you:

a)    keep the Battery in your Property and under your control (for example, you may not sell it, lend it or hire it out to anyone else, put it up as security for a loan or mortgage, or allow it to be seized under any legal process against you);

b)    do not misuse, neglect, tamper with, or damage the Battery (including disassembling or re-wiring it in any way);

c)    take proper care at all times to prevent the loss or theft of the Battery; and

d)    ensure the space surrounding the Battery is suitable as instructed at the Battery Installation. For example, where relevant, items should not be stacked against or over the Battery.

6.2       You acknowledge that the unit remains our property throughout the trial period. Upon the completion or termination of the trial period, at our discretion, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase the unit installed in your property for a nominal fee. Alternatively, pending your agreement, Solo will continue to operate the unit on your behalf.

6.3       The customer acknowledges that we may remotely access the unit and issue commands to the unit for purposes including, but not limited to, the rendering of grid services to the Distribution System Operator (DSO) ESB Networks. This activity will not otherwise interfere with the normal functioning of the unit, and the customer will incur no additional cost as a result of the aforementioned access and utilisation of the unit by us.

7        Manufacturer Warranty

7.1       The manufacturer of the Battery will provide a manufacturer's warranty for the Battery.

7.2       The effective time period of the manufacturer's warranty may be reduced due to the increased frequency of cycles of your Battery which enables us to deliver grid services.

8        Data Use and Sharing

8.1       The customer acknowledges that Solo Energy and the manufacturer can remotely access data from the Battery in order to survey and control the performance of the unit and to provide software updates to the unit. The data gathered by us and the manufacturer shall be read, evaluated, processed and saved for the purpose of rendering of services and increasing efficiency, for terms of the ongoing optimisation and enhancements of unit performance.

8.2       The customer acknowledges that for the purpose of benchmarking or research, the data read‑out from the unit may be forwarded to third parties in anonymised form.

8.3       With the conclusion of the trial period, the customer agrees to the collection, processing, utilisation and forwarding of their anonymised data collected during the trial period.

8.4       The data received from the customer shall be treated confidentially and according to the regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

9        Changes to this agreement

9.1       We will notify you if any changes are made to this Agreement;

9.2       If we make changes to this Agreement that are disadvantageous to you, we will give you 30 days’ notice to let you know about the changes.

10      Our Liability

10.1     We won’t be responsible for:

a)    the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your Battery which develop a fault, unless it’s due to work we carried out that caused the fault;

b)    any costs, loss or damage you suffer from any failure in us delivering the StoreNet trial which are caused by events outside our reasonable control. Matters outside our reasonable control include severe weather conditions, epidemic, civil disorder, terrorist activity, war and government action;

c)    for any loss or damage you suffer caused by us, our Engineer or agents to the extent such loss or damage results from any breach by you of this Agreement.

10.2     We are not liable for any loss or damage (including negligence and breach of statutory duty) that we couldn’t reasonably have expected would result from breach of this Agreement at the time you entered into it.

10.3     Nothing in this Agreement will affect our liability to you for death or personal injury as a result of our negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

10.4     Our liability (including for negligence and breach of statutory duty) is limited to €10,000 for each unconnected event that we’re directly responsible for, or €10,000 in total for any connected series of events that we are directly responsible for, and which has caused you loss or damage.

11      Our complaints procedure and your rights

11.1     You can submit a complaint in person, in writing or over the phone by:

a)    calling us on 021 237 6054;

b)    using our online web form at; or

c)    writing to us at Solo Energy Ltd, Phoenix House, Monahan Road, Cork, T12 H1XY

11.2     We will aim to respond to your complaint the same day we receive it. If you’re not happy with our response, you can ask for your complaint to be escalated to our internal complaints team, who will be in touch within five Working Days.

12      Other conditions

12.1     We can transfer any of our rights or obligations under this Agreement without your permission. However, you must not transfer your rights or obligations under this Agreement to anyone without our permission.

12.2     If we need to give you a notice for any reason in connection with this Agreement, we may deliver it by hand or use the postal address and/or email address you have given us most recently.

a)    If we post a notice to you, it will be assumed to have been delivered two Working Days after it was posted.

b)    If we deliver a notice to you by hand or by email, it will be assumed to have been delivered immediately when it was delivered or sent to the most recent address we have for you (as applicable).

12.3     This Agreement, and any documents explicitly referred to in them, are the entire agreement between you and us.

12.4     Nothing in this Agreement affects our legal rights or powers. Nothing in this Agreement affects any of your statutory rights that can’t be excluded by law.

12.5     If any part of this Agreement is void or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will be unaffected.

** end **